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Our Vision.
Repair a pothole at McDonald's drive-thru

Instead of doing the repairs in the spring or summer, when the potholes are big and made more damages to the asphalt. We offer our product iSphalt 6.5 to do repairs 12 months a year, even in winter when is cold and wet. This will prevent the potholes become bigger and premature deterioration of the asphalt.

Our Solution.
Repair pothole in winter

PAVTECH is a company specialize in nanotechnology cold asphalt mix. Our product iSphalt 6.5 is a permanent potholes repair product that can be use 12 months a year: even in the snow or under the rain. 

Use our exclusive nanotechnology permanent asphalt mix to repair potholes or any other surface work without cutting the asphalt and can allow true traffic to resume where is the repairs as soon as you leave the area.

Our Product.
Many potholes in the parking lot of shopping mall


iSphalt 6.5 is the solution for your potholes problem.

Permanent Cold Asphalt • Asphalt/Concrete Repairs

Ready to use:

  • Can be use in any weather conditions

  • Patches potholes directly in water

  • Performed in all weathers conditions (from -30 °C to 30 °C)

  • ...

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