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Durability Studies.

Since December 2017. We started the durability studies in different weather conditions. We patched the potholes in cold and hot weather, dry or wet conditions, rain or snow. The results are the same. Our patches last for years. Furthermore, once repaired our product is impervious to the springs thaw, to asphalt expansion and/or retraction, and will not crack or crumble.

Patched a pothole in summer on a very busy street

We patched a pothole on a very busy street in Montreal West Island during the summer. The traffic was immediately open after the repair. Even after 2 years, the underground structure make the patch cracked. The crack didn't break or become bigger.

Durabilité - 01.jpg

Patched a pothole in winter on a very busy industrial street

We patched a pothole in Lachine on a very busy industrial street where is the passage of heavy trucks that carry containers. 2 years later, the repair is still intact and resisted the spring thaw.

Photo 05.jpg
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